Noël Cades is a British writer who currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

A fan of romance from historic to contemporary, some of Noël’s favourite authors include Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, Jilly Cooper, Elizabeth Rolls and Victoria Holt.

Noël is always delighted to hear from other fans, readers and writers of romance.

Regency Romance

Noël’s first historic romance, The Substitute Bride (2017) features an arranged marriage with a twist: identity swap. Noël’s second historic romance, also with an authentic Regency setting, is Teaching His Ward (2018).

Student Teacher Romance

Noël’s first novel, Forbidden Lessons (2014) and its sequels Forbidden Study (2016) and Forbidden Classes (2023) were inspired by old schoolfriends and the teacher crushes and secret boyfriends they had at boarding school. In French Kissing (2015) a student falls in love with her teacher as they take part in a musical theatre production. In His Model Student (2016), a devastatingly sexy artist seduces his student.

Religious Temptation

In Tempting Her Teacher (2016) Catholic school teacher Carl Spencer faces a crisis of faith when he falls for his student Juliet. Stepping up the forbidden even more, in Falling From Grace (2017) Catholic priest Gabriel fights his growing love and desire for beautiful American student Leonie.

Sports/Celebrity Romance

Summer’s Edge (2014) is a coming-of-age forbidden romance between a student and a devastatingly attractive sports coach, set in the era of free parties. In Man of the Match (2015) a woman falls in love with the England cricket captain. Noël is also working on The Actor (TBC), featuring a student who falls in love with a famous actor.

As well as being a writer of romance, Noël is a huge reader of romance, with favourite genres including Regency romance, Vintage romance (Mills & Boon, Harlequin), Gothic romance and Student-Teacher romance. You can read many of her reviews here.

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Noël Cades bibliography:

Forbidden Lessons (2014)
Summer’s Edge (2014)
Man of the Match (2015)
French Kissing (2015)
Forbidden Study (2016)
Tempting Her Teacher (2016)
His Model Student (2016)
My Cousin Io (2017)
The Substitute Bride (2017)
Falling From Grace (2017)
Teaching His Ward (2018)
The Actor (2019)
The Disapproving Duke (2019)
The Winter Clock (2020)
Paradise Calling (2021)
Forbidden Classes (2023)

Upcoming novels:

Silver Screen (TBC)
Lois in Paris (TBC)



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