Mystery & Time-Travel

Mystery and Time-Travel Romance is a chance to explore different perspectives and include plenty of adventure and intrigue. It also takes the heroine on a journey: she has many more puzzles and challenges to solve, as well her relationship with the hero.

As with Historic Romance, it’s great fun to be able to research other eras and wonder how modern heroines would cope in the past. The TV miniseries Lost in Austen is a wonderful example of a contemporary heroine flung into Regency England: a time long before toothpaste and iPhones.

For Mystery and Adventure, I’ve always loved Agatha Christie’s romantic adventure thrillers, such as The Man in the Brown Suit and They Came to Baghdad. Their heroines are very intrepid and they travel to exotic places, mixing with mysterious people.


My Mystery & Time-Travel novels:

The Winter Clock

The Winter Clock

Holly’s quest to solve the mystery of the Winter Clock takes her to snowy Bavaria and the last man in the world who can fix it. But unknown enemies are soon on her trail.