Sport Romance

Sport Romance shares a lot of ground with Celebrity Romance when it comes to media interest and the pressures of fame. Sports stars and athletes are also super fit, which means rippling muscles and plenty of stamina.

Some sports are sexier than others: while there are any amount of novels featuring racing car drivers and footballers, golf, caber-tossing and figure skating don’t seem to get so many heroines weak at the knees. My own favourite sport for romance is cricket, because it’s a game of skill, stamina and endurance, and the white kit looks wonderful against a tanned, chiselled face.


My Sport Romances:

Man of the Match

Man of the Match

Broken-hearted student Cara has no idea that the handsome stranger who seduced her on holiday is England cricket captain Matt Curran.
Summer's Edge

Summer’s Edge

When Stewart Walker finds out the girl he kissed is a student at his school he’s furious and determined to keep away. But Alice has fallen hard and won’t give up.