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Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank

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Wow – this is one of the hottest books I’ve read, ever. The sex scenes are absolutely superb and the erotic power dynamic between 18-year-old Addison and her 32-year-old teacher Grayson McKendrick is red hot.

This is a true student-teacher forbidden romance: the initial head-over-heels attraction, the attempts to resist it, the giving in, the sneaking around, the guilt, the exhilaration. It’s super sexy when Grayson gets jealous of Addison’s high school boyfriend because you know he’s really falling for her.

He’s also dominant and demanding in bed which adds to the whole sexually charged, illicit thrill.

The story of Veiled Innocence is told in flashbacks, and it’s cleverly done, though I have to say I skimmed through a lot of the doctor/psychiatrist stuff (don’t worry, there’s a happy ending!) and mainly focused on the relationship.

What’s great about this book is that if you’re looking for something deeper and emotionally complex, you’ll find it. If you want a hot forbidden love story, that’s here too. Best of all it’s actually believable. You can believe that these two people tumbled together based on mutual attraction and physical need and then found something deeper.

I can’t recommend this one highly enough. Anyone who likes student-teacher romance and hot erotic romance should add it to their list.