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Force of Gravity by Kelly Stevenson

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The Force of Gravity is the classic student-teacher romance:

  • new hot teacher
  • lust at first sight
  • trying to fight the attraction
  • giving in
  • sneaking around
  • nearly getting caught
  • graduating/going public

If you like student-teacher romance, all the elements are here.

I would agree with other reviewers that the heroine Kaley seems a little immature to attract Mr Slate. That said I found her character pretty convincingly written for a rather unworldly, girlish 18-year-old.

More focus on her character rather than her looks might have built a more convincing case as to why Mr Slate falls for her. But he’s perhaps a bit vapid himself with all his designer clothes and his working out and his obsession with her clothes.

Ultimately though it doesn’t really matter, as we’re all there to enjoy the ride – the fantasy of the “forbidden relationship” – and that’s certainly delivered. Teacher crush, she gets him, etc. It’s a sweet, hot relationship with a sweet, hot ending.

The main thing that does surprise me is that this is #1 of what is presumably intended to be a series. Given they’re moving in together and talking about marriage by the final chapter I’m not sure what else is left to do. Unless the author plans to throw the most massive spanner in the works, I’m not sure how this couple can sustain a future novel/novels. Frankly they seemed done and dusted to me, all loose ends tied up.

But let’s see. Perhaps the focus of #2 will be her friend Emily breaking up with her boyfriend and falling for a hot university professor. We can only hope!