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The Not Gate by Tammy Bench

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This is an AMAZINGLY hot student-teacher affair book! It’s very sexy, very romantic and very realistic.

16-year-old Alice (17 by the time they get it on) falls in love and lust at first sight with her 31-year-old English teacher Tom Chambers. He tries to resist for ages, but when he finally yields… hold on to the edge of your seat!

The sex is wonderfully written even though even more would have been great. He mentions “pushing her limits” a few times but it doesn’t really get beyond vanilla. Hottest vanilla ever though…

The characters are really well drawn and believable for their ages, and while there are no subplots at all or even story beyond the central relationship, you won’t want anything else. It’s intense, fascinating, passionate.

The end may disappoint some readers but it’s right at the very very end so won’t overly affect your enjoyment even if you’re a HEA fan as I am.