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Eighteen: 18 by J A Huss

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5 stars for the sizzling action and the pacing, those looking for a red-hot read will certainly find something to enjoy here.

As a student-teacher it only just squeezes into the genre: he’s teaching her outside school, so there are no real “classroom” scenes as such and none of the usual conventions (sneaking around, strict parents, fear of getting caught, trying to resist temptation, etc).

There’s also zero build up – he’s making moves on her from the get-go, so there’s no sense of yearning/romance. These two are full on from the very start. You’ll be reading this book primarily for the sex, not the emotion. He’s apparently crazy about her, whether she felt the same other than sexual attraction was never very clear.

There is a solid plot other than the relationship, apparently based on the author’s own life. I’ll be honest in that I didn’t have a clue what all the educational stuff was about or the maths/”trig”, and I got fairly lost on all the drug dealing details as well.

It wasn’t something I could relate to, but since I was reading it for the intimate scenes, the plot and the plausibility didn’t matter so much.

Highly recommend to those looking for something erotic with a bit of an age-gap. Conventional student-teacher fans probably won’t find quite what they’re looking for however.