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A Matter of Feeling (L’esprit de famille #1) by Janine Boissard

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A family coming-of-age story which contains a super intense age-gap romance between 17-year-old Pauline and her best friend’s 40-year-old uncle Pierre.

I loved this when I read it some years ago, it’s the first of a series of six. The last few disappointed slightly as the youngest sister, Cecile, lost her rebellious edge as she grew up. However as the “Poison Pot” she was very entertaining in the earlier books.

All the novels detail the lives and loves of various sisters, though Pauline as the narrator is the main character for the first four books.

There was a (French only) television of it: you can see Pauline and Pierre’s first kiss here – he’s obviously very reluctant to cross the line but does so anyway!