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Burn by Jayelle Morgan

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Burn is a super-sexy, riveting read: a must-read for fans of HOT romance and sexy paranormal love.

It’s the first in a series about Elemental Warriors who use humans to cause natural disasters. Levi, one of these warriors who’s struggling to control his fire power, falls for a human woman named Brooke. Even though any liaison between them is forbidden, he just can’t resist her…

Jayelle Morgan’s prose is also a delight: well written and elegant, with a great flow. There’s some real poetry here too:

“Our days are marked by which new stars rise too, but none so close as yours.”

The characters are developed and appealing: you’ll empathise with Brooke as much as you lust after Levi. And even if you skip the sexy stuff (but don’t!) there’s a highly enjoyable plot.

Not forgetting a wonderful, romantic HEA!