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Escape by Rosalind Tate

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Escape is a wonderful, page-turner of a sequel to Rosalind Tate’s time travel mystery romance Stranded. Sophie is still stuck in 1925, but it’s a parallel universe where history has happened differently to our world. Her future is only assured if she marries a rich man, but she’s secretly in love with fellow time-traveller Hugo.

Escape builds on the story of the first novel. There’s increasing romantic tension as civil unrest in 1925 England escalates and the violence reaches Shorten Manor. It’s as much of a thriller as a romance, with Sophie facing life-and-death situations. And being the intrepid heroine that she is, surviving them all!

What makes this series great is the element of mystery. Who is Sophie’s and Hugo’s hidden enemy? How does the time travel work? Why is the past different? How and why do some people time travel but not others? And how can Sophie get back?

Some of these questions are resolved, but not all of them. I was wondering where the romantic plot was going to go in a future book, seeing as it seemed to be resolved by the final chapter, but then there’s a Huge Twist.

All in all Escape is a gripping story, but you’ll want to read Stranded first.