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Across the North Sea by Sofia Hahn

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Across the North Sea is the first Viking romance I’ve read, and it was very intriguing. It’s actually a tale of two romances, featuring sisters who each fall in love with quite different men. Captured from their Frankish village, they are taken over the seas where they have to fend off unwelcome suitors and learn to survive.

Both stories were well developed, but I found Odilia’s romance with Torsten particularly engaging. His backstory is also compelling.

The book is rich in historical detail including language, really evoking the era and location. There’s a lot of action: viking raids, abduction, attempted assault, people fleeing. Both the sisters are very brave and resourceful, and both get their HEA.

Overall the story has made me more interested in the era, and I’ll be looking out for future historical romances by Sofia Hahn. I recommend this book to all Viking fans and those seeking historical novels in general.