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Trade Secrets by VK Tritschler

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Trade Secrets is an engaging, witty office romance set in an advertising agency in Adelaide, Australia. There’s a love triangle from the get-go, with two very sexy heroes – the reader is kept guessing for a long time which one will win out as the sexual tension builds.

The story has the same comedic pace, industry intrigue and energy as romcoms set in similar industries such as “Younger” and “Emily in Paris“. The heroine of Trade Secrets, another Emily, reminded me very much of those millennial heroines. She’s full of enthusiasm, seeing the world very much through young, naive eyes (she perceives a forty-something colleague as “thickening” at the waist and no longer “in her prime”). She’s torn between #metoo values and the attractions of her sexy boss Jimmy.

The story isn’t only about Emily’s romantic life but also her personal development. She gains a lot of of experience and grows a lot throughout the plot, both emotionally and professionally.

I recommend Trade Secrets to readers who love a fast-paced romance with plenty of twists and turns, and those who enjoy contemporary shows and novels set in the creative and related industries.