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A Season of Eden by Jennifer Laurens

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An enjoyable read for fans of student teacher novels, but the hero is a bit “soft” and the heroine rather a brat.

Eden, the heroine, is 18 but really acts like a 15 year old. She’s spoilt, immature yet precocious.

Her love interest, 22-year-old music teacher James, is a nice man but something of a sop.

I give this book five stars because I think the situation is actually quite realistic. Remembering my own schooldays, we had several religious-minded, extremely inexperienced young men teaching teenage girls who were far more sexually aware and precocious than the teachers were.

I’ve seen reviewers question why James falls for Eden. It’s not really much surprise: he’s a (probably) virginal, shy young man of 22, just out of college, and she’s an assertive and attractive 18-year-old. He likely went through college as a complete dweeb eternally “friend zoned”, and she’s the first woman to show interest in him.

There’s no real “age gap” excitement here, honestly their relationship crosses no real boundaries whatsoever. So don’t expect a thrill. But if you want a fairly realistic portrayal of what high school students can be like when it comes to a teacher crush, there’s some accurate material here.