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A Forbbiden Finale by Georgette Gray

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After reading A Forbidden Finale you’ll be tempted to join a dance class and get your own hot, lean, muscled instructor like Mr Langley…

My gaze flickered to his lips for just a moment. We were so close when we danced that I could have pressed my mouth to his in an instant. I wanted to, desperately. Dancing with Ethan was like nothing else. His hands holding my frame fingers light, but tight against my skin, was something that sounded impossible, but I was feeling it right now.

Georgette Gray’s latest student-teacher romance is another action-packed, super hot page-turner. As well as the developing relationship between Carly and her dance teacher Ethan Langley, there’s a thrilling subplot that sees Carly risk everything for a cause.

I needed Ethan, whether it was in the middle of the woods or not. No one was going to find us here, there was no risk, and I had so much pent up desire that, coupled with the adrenaline, it was too much. The night was cold, but my body was flushed with heat.

Both plot themes are fully interwoven: Carly’s and Ethan’s romance evolves and deepens as he tries to protect her from her friends’ risky actions.

I highly recommend A Forbidden Finale to student-teacher romance and forbidden romance fans, as well as anyone interested in the theme of dance. The book is also “safe” and will satisfy HEA fans!