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Broken Ever After by Natalie Graham

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Broken Ever After is really two books in one, the genre considerably shifts gear in the second half. I won’t mention to what as it gives the plot away considerably (it’s not zombies or vampires though!)

The first section, which was a student/teacher-romance was my favourite as I enjoy that genre. The book had a good sense of the taboo and the risky. I would have liked Olivia to not keep resisting Jamie (in terms of going all the way). It seemed a little pointless to wait until the end of term – which was just a few days away – given they were both already adults above the legal age of consent. The whole point of a student-teacher romance is the taboo – you want the sex to happen while it’s still forbidden.

But they get there eventually!

The sexy scenes were great, very well written and left you wanting things to progress. It had a good balance of detail and emotion, and realism without being clinical or too graphic.

Throughout the book there’s a lot of action and it’s a real page turner. I meant to to read the first couple of chapters then stayed up past 3am to finish it.

Given how it ended, and I’ll avoid spoilers by not even mentioning the genre the book shifts to, the sequel is going to be very interesting.