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Beautiful Torment by Paige Laurens

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A very sexy, highly charged student-teacher erotic romance, great for fans of the genre. On the scale from romance -> erotica, Beautiful Torment would be well towards the erotica end.

There’s so much sex that there isn’t a lot of room for plot, beyond the sheer physical attraction of the protagonists. Even before Luci and Mr Harrington consummate, there’s endless erotic imaginings and even voyeurism. The author, Paige Laurens, deserves praise for some highly original sex scenes, and for managing the “dirty talk” in way that is actually hot, not grotesque or offensive.

It’s probably best not to dwell overly on the plot, because much of what there is seems rather implausible (including some of the sex, but that’s par for the course with erotica), as does the fact they never get caught, but the general high school details are there to frame the forbidden relationship nicely.

This is apparently the first of a series, and it will be interesting to see how the author deals with certain problems she threw in towards the end of the first one. I will certainly be buying the second one.