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Sauce for the Gander by Jayne Davis

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Sauce for the Gander is a well-written and highly enjoyable Historic Romance – though it’s as much of an adventure story as a romance, making it a very satisfying read. Neither hero nor heroine wish to wed, but circumstances force them both into it, and they decide to make the best of it.

The characters are well drawn and the romance is a slow burn. This is probably a more realistic depiction of an actual arranged marriage than a wedding-night bodice ripper. At any rate the groom’s intent is there from early on, which is at least a good sign for future marital relations! And the wife is also tempted to consummate earlier than originally agreed.

This book is an excellent choice for Georgette Heyer fans and those who like historic romance to be accurately set in the period, without modern-day anachronisms.

I would have liked to see Marstone’s reaction on discovering his son had finally got the better of him, but maybe we get that in the next instalment in this series!