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Moon Witch by Anne Mather

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Moon Witch is a lovely vintage Mills & Boon romance, written and set in the 1970s. So of course you get all the usual “jet set” glamour from that era, a young virginal but spirited heroine, and an older rakish man of the world who of course falls in love with her and is – we assumed – redeemed by his passion.

Seventeen-year-old Sara Robins discovers that she’s the ward of 35-year-old business magnate Jarrod Kyle. However it’s Jarrod’s elderly father J.K. that takes her on and starts splashing money on her (car, clothes, etc) with Jarrod staying away.

Although we later find out that Jarrod was deliberately staying away because of his attraction to Sara, it does feel like a bit of a lost opportunity. More early scenes of interaction and sexual tension would have been good.

Also the author keeps mentioning Jarrod’s “silvery” hair at the start which makes him sound prematurely grey, but it later transpires he’s actually blond.

A good one for fans of vintage Mills & Boon, and conveniently it’s now available on iBooks.