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Green Lightning by Anne Mather

Green Lightning by Anne Mather
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Green Lightning by Anne Mather is OUTRAGEOUS. There is simply no other way to describe it.

  • she’s 17, he’s 35
  • he’s has been her guardian since she was a small child
  • they’re not blood related, but he is described as her “uncle” for 99% of the book
  • at one point he spanks her bare behind with a hairbrush (to punish her for kissing him)
  • he looks in on her while she’s sleeping, even though she sleeps naked
  • eventually he pretty much grabs her in a drunken, jealous rage, and forces himself upon her (fortunately she’s more than willing)
  • he admits he’s been lusting after her for at least three years (ie since she was 14)

Here’s an excerpt:

“Dear heaven, I’ve got to have you. You’re tearing me apart!”

Helen’s answer was to reach up for his mouth, her bare arms around his neck driving him on to that ultimate surrender. With a groan of anguish, he dealt ruthlessly with his own clothes, kicking his boots and socks aside as he lifted her into his arms.

He laid her on the long sofa below the windows, where she had sat the evening after he had delivered the spanking, listening to his and Angela’s conversation. Now there was no conversation, only an irresistible need, and the overpowering need to assuage it.

“I’m going to hurt you,” he muttered, cupping her face in his hands and parting her lips with his thumb. “Forgive me,” he added, covering her mouth with his, and the involuntary cry she uttered was stifled by his passionate caress.

It was published in 1983, but seems a lot more vintage that than. Particularly with the scene at the party, with shock! horror! “grass” and “marijuana”. (The heroine is so naive that she initially thinks they’ve put green lawn clippings grass in the sandwiches, not grass-grass).

It’s an absolutely riotous read. No wonder Harper Collins re-released it for Kindle and paperback. It’s on Amazon, even though it technically breaches their content guidelines.