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Dark Mosaic by Anne Mather

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Loved this one! The amnesia plot, where the heroine is mistaken for a dead heiress, was fun. And though a few more “illicit” kisses wouldn’t have hurt, the fact that James and “Jessica” eventually consummated was both sweet and HOT!

The age-gap was elegantly managed, adding to the frisson, and it was nice that the heroine got to be a career girl (at least for a time).

These books have to fit in a certain length and the denouement is rather quick. It could easily have had another 20k words or so: instead there’s a big jump-cut after The Revelation and the Larry stuff is shovelled in there as more of an afterthought.

But still, an interesting and sexy read, which I highly recommend! (Even if the couple on the cover look like an advert for a Bovis home).