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Forbidden Classes now on pre-order

Forbidden Classes, the final instalment in my student-teacher Forbidden Love trilogy, is now available for pre-release on Amazon, available 27 October.

Find out what happens to Laura and Mr Rydell… and what his first name is!

I also have several ARCs (free review copies) available – if you’d like one just email me at [email protected]


“I regret not taking you when I had the chance. Even if it was the right thing to send you away.”

Devastated from her breakup with Mr Rydell, Laura seeks comfort elsewhere. But she knows that there is only one man in the world for her.

How can she find him, and how will he react when she does?

Find out what happens to Laura and Mr Rydell in Forbidden Classes, the final, thrilling instalment of Noël Cades’ Forbidden Love trilogy.

2 thoughts on “Forbidden Classes now on pre-order

  1. Hi Noel,

    Huge fan of your work!

    Will you be writing any more historical romances? Substitute Bride is one of my favorite ‘regency’ romances
    EVER and I love the heat that you bring to what are, at heart, traditional regency romances. My favorite trope
    is the age gap arranged marriage/marriage of convenience but I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find this set
    up in new releases along with a whole host of other anachronisms that really just take you out of the story.

    If I might make a suggestion – even a little novella about Betsy & Sir Stephen Seton and how they navigate
    their early marriage being burdened by grief/guilt would be incredible! Plus bonus Marquess of Westford &

    Thank you for bringing so much joy to this young reader longing for classic romances!

    1. Hello! I’ve got a couple more Regency romances in my head, not as huge an age gap as in The Disapproving Duke or Teaching His Ward but a good 10-12 years.

      I’ll also have a think about a novella (or short story?) for Betsy and Sir Stephen. I want to compile a collection of romantic shorts and I need to write some more! Thank you for the suggestion.

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