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Sara Seale statistics

After reading a dozen or so Sara Seale novels, I’ve decided to do a little research project on her work, crunching the data on her novels. I haven’t yet managed to get hold of all her works, as some aren’t available except in national/legal deposit libraries (which will require a trip to the UK for access). But based on research I have been able to carry out, here are some word clouds of the character names used by Sara Seale:

Heroines in Sara Seale novels
Heroes in Sara Seale novels
Other Women in Sara Seale novels

As might be expected, the Other Women names are slightly more exotic than the Heroine names, fitting their generally older, more sophisticated and worldly status. There are a few unusual names in there, notably:

  • Gael – heroine, My Heart’s Desire/Spread Your Wings
  • Clancy – heroine, The English Tutor
  • Tansy – heroine, Time of Grace
  • Marny – heroine, By Candlelight
  • Lister – hero, Stormy Petrel
  • Bussey – hero, Stormy Petrel
  • Raff – hero, Cloud Castle
  • Duff – hero, Green Girl
  • Trelawny – other woman, Dear Dragon