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Regency AI-generated art

AI has been producing some amazing artwork recently, so I tried generating a prompt with the help of Chat GPT and running it through an image generator – I used Hotpot.ai.

You can write your own prompt from scratch, but I followed a guide on Reddit:

you are going to help me write prompts for an ai art generation app called dalle. I will give you an example prompt below and then I will give you ideas. Use the format provided to generate new prompts.

Example: Breathtaking sunset scene, sky painted with warm hues of pink, orange, and gold. Sun dipping below horizon, casting warm glow on landscape. Foreground filled with wildflowers in vibrant shades of purple, yellow, and red swaying in a gentle breeze. In distance, mountain range with jagged peaks and valleys shrouded in misty haze. Winding river runs through valley, reflecting the colors of the sky. In the foreground, a lone figure adds a sense of scale and depth to the image.

idea: a very handsome tall regency gentleman with a beautiful younger woman

My prompt ended up as the below, which I modified from Chat GPT’s result to include “tall”, “blonde” and changed “a resplendent gown of flowing silk” to “an elegant regency gown of white muslin”, hoping I’d get something akin to 1995 Pride & Prejudice.

A stunning scene from the Regency era, featuring a strikingly handsome, tall dark-haired gentleman dressed in an elegant tailcoat, waistcoat, and cravat, his wavy hair styled in the fashion of the period. His captivating blue eyes gaze with a mix of admiration and affection at the beautiful younger woman by his side. She is blonde and slim adorned in an elegant regency gown of white muslin

I then tried out various art styles which produced some fascinating results. My favourite was Portrait Gothic 1 (top left here). I think I will definitely be paying for some hi-res credits and trying this out for cover art. I currently use photos from PeriodImages.com but it’s very hard to find a couple which matches what’s in my head, and the costumes are more Bridgerton/”Disney Regency” than authentic:

To see all the styles I tried, with the names on them, here’s a contact sheet (click to see it enlarged):