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AI tries to write a student-teacher romance

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Just for fun, I decided to see if AI could write a student-teacher romance story. I tried AIDungeon.io and picked a Custom scenario. You have to feed it lines, and it writes stuff back  you. My text is in Italics, AIDungeon’s is regular font:

Artificially generated romance story

I am a student at a high school in England. On the first day of term, our new teacher is very handsome. I notice that he seems to have no interest in any of the girls, but he is kind to me. I find myself thinking about him throughout the term, and I decide to get to know him better.

I deliberately wear sexy clothes and try to get his attention. I make sure he knows that I’m single. One day, I am getting changed for gym class when the new teacher enters the locker room. He’s carrying a bouquet of flowers for me. I blush and say thank you, then hurry off to gym.

Later I am outside school and it’s raining. A car pulls up. My handsome teacher is driving. I get in the car and he drives me around the school parking lot, holding my hand. He asks me if I like anything in the car. I say, “The radio”

Our eyes meet and we both know that I’m not really thinking about the radio. He turns the radio on and he and I dance to the music. I close my eyes and enjoy the moment. Suddenly, the car stops. My teacher says, “I love you, Jessica.”

He leans towards me. I lean towards him. Will we… You decide to continue… You reach for the door handle but the car suddenly lurches forward and you are thrown against the dashboard.

I am startled. The radio is playing loudly. The car accelerates quickly and in a split-second you are struck by a large piece of glass. You die instantly.


You reached the “Breaking Dawn”


An interesting experiment, but not quite the HEA we might hope for.

I think I’ll stick to writing my own romance stories in future!