Forbidden Study

forbidden study

Falling in love with her teacher Mr Rydell has overturned Laura’s world. But can their relationship survive the subterfuge or will it buckle under the pressure?

18-year-old Laura can’t stop breaking the rules. She’s sneaking out of school, she’s going to nightclubs and she’s having an illicit affair with a teacher.

But what happens if someone else finds out their secret?

Forbidden Study is the thrilling, passionate sequel to Forbidden Lessons.

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“I loved this book! Teacher student romance books are my favorite and Noel Cades never disappoints! Forbidden Study is a really good read” – Chelsea Davis, Goodreads

“This book is fantastic, I actually lost sleep worrying about the main character Laura…. That is how you know you are reading a brilliant book” – Sally, Goodreads

From the Author

When I originally wrote Forbidden Lessons, I never planned for it to be part of a series. It was only after readers said that they wanted to know more of what happens to Laura and Mr Rydell that I started thinking about their future. This put two more novels into my mind, Forbidden Study, and Forbidden Classes which I hope to publish in future.

Also: I never originally meant Mr Rydell’s first name to be a mystery! It just never got around to being mentioned. It will probably be revealed in the third and final instalment.

I hope that readers enjoy the ongoing love story between Laura and Mr Rydell, as well as the antics of their schoolfriends.