Forbidden Lessons

forbidden lessons
“This could ruin both our lives.”

When boarding school pupil Laura meets her new German teacher her world is turned upside down. She can’t get Mr Rydell out of her mind. But as her teacher, he’s totally forbidden fruit.

Despite the strict school rules she keeps bumping into him outside class. Is it coincidence, or does he share her feelings?

Soon every rule is broken… who will be forced to pay the price?

Set in the strict environment of an English girls’ school in the 1980s, “Forbidden Lessons” is based on a true story.


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Reviews of Forbidden Lessons:

You Gotta Read Reviews – 18/4/15
“If you like strong setting, lovable characters, and life lessons learned through dramatic ups and downs, You Need to Read Forbidden Lessons.”

Bibliophilic Madness – 4/12/14
“a very enjoyable read which I would truly recommend to readers who love the idea of the forbidden”

Joymzz’s Reviews – 3/11/14
“My God! this book was pure ‘Madness’ I could not put it down even for a second.”

Tina’s Reviews – 11/9/14
“well written, captivating, steamy, and at times funny”

Christina Harding Erotica review & interview – 29/8/14
“This is a great read for those who enjoy taboo in their erotica”

Around Books – 15/7/14
“I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down.”

Goddess of Blah Book Reviews – 2/5/14
“EXPLOSIVE CHEMISTRY, excellent well-paced plot, fleshed out characters and a sexy & endearing love story.”

Kawehi’s Book Blog – 19/4/14
“Over all, great story with love, suspense, steam, and intrigue!”

Sizzling Hot Books – 11/4/2015
“If you are a film buff, to me this book is ‘Wild Child’ meets ‘Notes on a Scandal’.”