Falling From Grace

“Forgive me, Father, for I have had impure thoughts.” About you.

Gabriel entered the priesthood after a betrayal left him bitter about women and committed to a life of celibacy.

But when he ends up teaching at a girls’ boarding school and meets troubled, beautiful Leonie, he wonders if he can keep his vows…

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“That last chapter was perfect! I just love your books, your writing is just pure and utter talent” – Panda
“Oh wow.. Finally .. Mind blowing. Forbidden ecstasy” – Dorothy
“Can’t stop reading this… I love it….” – Zych
“I’m reading falling for grace and omg!  Gabriel is amazing!” – Verónica
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From the Author

Falling From Grace has been enormous fun to write. Creating a character like Gabriel – torn between earthly passion and his sacred duty – meant plenty of angst and forbidden passion.

Pairing him with a troubled, talented student like Leonie results in sparks all the way!

It was also wonderful delving into Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and finding so many parallels between the wild, beautiful young woman from Boston and the older man who has made an unbreakable commitment.

Plus the glorious poems of Gerard Manly Hopkins, which Gabriel uses to express his feelings for Leonie.

Above all, Gabriel’s and Leonie’s story is a testament to the all-conquering power of love. If these two can overcome the biggest obstacles to find their heart’s true desire, there’s hope for all of us.