The Substitute Bride

When Lily secretly takes her cousin’s place in an arranged marriage, little does she realise the desire, or the dangers, that await her.

The Marquess of Westford only offered to marry disgraced Elizabeth Cosgrove to save her family’s honour. He has no idea that an innocent girl has taken her place.

When the passion he arouses in Lily only confirms his belief that she’s a wanton, how can she ever convince him of her virtue?

The Substitute Bride is a classic Regency Romance by forbidden romance author Noël Cades.

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“Loved loved loved. I was seriously craving a historical read and this just fell into my lap, I was not disappointed” – Hana
“It’s truly an amazing book. I love regency era romances and The Substitute Bride is exceptionally written” – Mirshk
“This was a fantastic read… I really was impressed with the story, and the characters” – Sharon Mariampillai
“I was transported to the 1800’s, and I would say it was the most wonderful story with a nice plot and a beautiful ending” – Fabiola
“Noël did a fantastic job at staying true to her setting in both her writing and descriptions as well as in her characters’ personalities” – Shim

From the Author

I loved writing The Substitute Bride, my first ever Regency Romance. I’ve long been a fan of the genre as a reader, from Jane Austen through to Georgette Heyer and Barbara Cartland.

For The Substitute Bride I’ve tried to keep language in keeping with the period, choosing colloquialisms that people used during that era.

I very much hope people enjoy it, and there will hopefully be more Regency Romances to come!